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Some companies completely missing from PeriodEndDate and PeriodFY downloads

Hi Thomas,

(Thanks for latest compile 2019-02-26; it fixed several problems! I'm poking around with latest compile, and noticed a few new/remaining items. I will put in separate threads so easier to track.)

Some Tickers that are covered in the PublishDate dataset are completely missing from the PeriodEndDate and ReportingPeriod datasets. Here are my download settings:

Fundamentals (Detailed)
Period end-date / Reporting period (either of these show the same results)
Narrow format

Here are some examples of Tickers that are present in the PublishDate download setting, but seem to be completely omitted (no records at all) in the PeriodEndDate and ReportingPeriod datasets:


Is it possible to get Tickers like these incorporated into the PeriodEnddate dataset?



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    Hi Charles, ok, that's weird. I'll have to check that again, thanks for investigating.
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