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Recent values unavailable for companies with non-calendar fiscal years?

Hi Thomas,

It looks like the recent compile 2019-02-26 still seems to have some problems with Tickers that use non-calendar fiscal years. The bulk download seems to exclude any data for which the fiscal quarter is > the current date's calendar quarter.

For example, ORCL (Oracle), which begins its fiscal year in June, has already released its 2019-Q1 results (Period ending 2018-08-31) and also 2019-Q2 results (Period ending 2018-11-30). The financials are available on Yahoo Finance and EDGAR, and were actually published 2018-12-19. But only 2019-Q1 results are available on the Bulk Download, and also in SimFin website's Data Finder feature.

By way of explanation: as of current date today, 2019-03-01, some companies have actually already reported their 2019-Q2 fiscal quarter data, because their fiscal year begins in, say, July, and therefore the PeriodEndDate for 2019-Q2 is actually 2018-12-31). Their Fiscal quarter ReportingPeriod and corresponding EndDates would be:

2019-Q1 2018-09-30
2019-Q2 2018-12-31
2019-Q3 2019-03-31
2019-Q4 2019-06-30

So it is confusing because by today's current calendar date, we would only be at the end of 2019-Q1. But because of these companies that use different beginning dates for their fiscal years, we may actually already be in their 2019-Q2, or 2019-Q3, or even 2019-Q4.

However, the PeriodEnddate and ReportingPeriod databases seem to exclude any data which correspond to fiscal quarter > 2019-Q1 (which is the today's calendar quarter).

One way that I noticed this was that the ReportingPeriod database has no values with Period='Q2-2019' or later, which seems improbable, because it would mean that no Tickers have fiscal years that begin in any month from February until June.

Here are my download settings:

Fundamentals (detailed)
Reporting period / Period Enddate (i believe same results)
Narrow format

When you have time, can you also look into how to incorporate these values? Somehow the crawler/data assimilation is ignoring all these values > fiscal year 2019-Q1, irrespective of how the company defines its fiscal year.
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