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Update of bulk download data

Hi all,

how regularly is the data for bulk download updated? For "prices and extended fundamentals" this is currently October 2018!?
For my purposes I would love to have the entire data up to yesterday. Is that planned to be achieved by bulk downloads or an update?

Thanks a lot!


  • Hi johnnyt,

    usually it's once per month approximately, but there is a bug currently with the fundamentals + price detailed files and the comma/semicolon format, I'm fixing it now, so the files shouldn't be that old (but still they are not updated more than once per month).

    If you want data that is up-to-date I suggest using the API.
  • problem with the fundamentals + price detailed files should be fixed now, they are up to date now too.
  • Cool- thanks a lot! Is there any kind of convenience function to update bulk data via the API? Or is this possible in principle?
  • the bulk download files are the same for everyone, they have to be compiled on the server as they are not a direct dump from the database, so that's why they are only updated once a month. I think the general idea is that the bulk download is to "play around" with the data and if you want something that is more detailed and always reflects the current data on SimFin, you should use the API.
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