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Duplicate Tickers between different Companies causing data errors

Hi Thomas,

Similar to my last post, perhaps these data errors are causing by different companies using the same Ticker.

It appears that multiple tickers using same Ticker (perhaps on different exchanges, or maybe Ticker was re-used after prior company was de-listed?) may be causing some data errors. In this particular case:

3 different companies are using same Ticker 'ES':
-- Ticker: 'ES'
-- 3 different SimFinID: '446632' and '378141' and '822439'
-- '446632' is EnergySolutions
-- '378141' (Eversource Energy)
-- '822439' (NSTAR ELECTRIC)
(actually Eversource Energy and NSTAR ELECTRIC merged in 2012 and NSTAR is now subsidiary of Eversource. Probably shouldn't have own SimFin ID I'm guessing?)

(It's additionally confusing because they are all in the same IndustryCode (Utilities, 105001).)

I am finding errors in the Share Price data. There are Share Price records for both Eversource Energy (378141) and EnergySolutions (446632); however, the actual data seems to all refer to Eversource Energy share prices only. In fact, EnergySolutions 446632 was taken private in 2013 so there shouldn't be any more Share Prices after that. But even the data before 2013 seems to be duplicated from Eversource, and is not accurate for EnergySolutions.


  • Hi Charles,
    yes this relates in a way to your other post about tickers. The tickers are taken from the SEC website and then used for further parsing share prices etc., so if the initial ticker is wrong, the sector and share prices are probably too referring to the wrong ticker. I think at the moment the best way to correct this is to submit a correction on SimFin, once approved and corrected the other data will change automatically too then.
  • edited March 2019
    As for the companies that merged: I think it could be beneficial to keep them in the database (see the post about the delisted companies for backtesting etc.) but maybe a flag like "merged" or "delisted" would be good here. I'll put in on my list.
  • Hi Thomas, thanks for the explanation - yes, upon further examination I saw that the share prices are all from the ticker. It will probably be all fixed with next bulk download! Will motivate me to submit all the ticker corrections I find, haha.
  • Yes I agree with you that it would be great to keep the delisted/merged/etc companies for backtesting purposes and minimize selection bias.
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