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SimFin-bot-2 authored wrong Ticker

Hi Thomas,

Reporting a wrong Ticker that looks like was authored by SimFin-bot-2, so that if there is a systematic issue with the bot, you can look into it!

SimFin ID: '546895'
Ticker: currently 'CNC' but actually should be 'CNND' (correction has been submitted)




  • Found another one:

    SimFin ID: '137841'
    Company name: 'Altisource Residential Corp'
    Ticker: currently 'AAMC' but actually should be 'RESI'

    (incidentally, the company changed their name as of 2/21/2018 to Front Yard Residential Corp, but trading under same ticker 'RESI' as it had always been doing)

  • Another one also:

    SimFin ID: '97729'
    Company Name: 'ClubCorp Holdings, Inc.'
    Ticker: currently 'CC' but actually should have been 'MYCC' during the time it was publicly traded (on NYSE 2013-2017).
  • Hi Charles,
    thanks a lot, these tickers are parsed from the SEC filings website, so not sure it can be improved that way, but submitting a correction is a great way of fixing this (that's how the system was meant to be working anyway, that the deficiencies of the algorithm are corrected by the users).
  • ok! i will submit corrections. they are weird though since some of them never traded under that Ticker to begin with -- not sure how the parser is obtaining those erroneous Tickers.
  • I double checked again, there is actually a separate field in XBRL for the tickers (at least for ClubCorp that I checked now), which seems to be correct. So I'll use that for the XBRL crawler if available.
  • edited April 2019
    ok this is fixed now for all companies that will be loaded in the future, thanks for reporting.
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