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Possible to bulk download via API?

Hi Thomas,

Since it seems that there are some values available via API that aren't included in the bulk download, is it possible to generate a bulk download with an API call? And I mean for all companies, not just for a single company.

I realize this will be a big file, just like the bulk downloads currently. But is there an API call that will do this?



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    Hi Charles,

    You can do anything with the API really :) I made a quick integration for Google Sheets (you can download that file then too) where you just have to change the API key in the Google Script editor and there is no coding knowledge required. You can then add data in the spreadsheet at your wish (output is currently profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow with full details). As every statement/period is one API call (so P&L, balance sheet and cash flow for FY 2018 are 3 calls for example) you can download quite a lot already with the 2,000 calls per day limit. You can find everything needed here under "Google Sheets":
  • Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the links and explanation! But I think the examples you provided create separate sheets for different tickers, in the Excel spreadsheet output?

    I'm wondering if there's a way I can generate something similar to your bulk download (comma-delimited, narrow format), but with all values for ALL companies in a single file. The reason is that I'm working with SQL, and it's substantially more difficult/code intensive to get SQL to loop through a bunch of separate text files and re-create the original table. It's a lot easier to process a single file (which is why the bulk download is SOOOO awesome for me).

    Is there an API call that will download multiple different company info into a single comma-delimited file?

  • no, it's all in the same sheet and you can add more tickers to it. but it would still take some work to "rebuild" it for all companies, that's true.

    it's not so much about the API call than it is about what you do with the API. All the data you see on SimFin comes from the API (bulk download data included, it is then just put into the specific format that you can download). You can structure your API calls to feed the data directly into mysql, but it will take some work to figure out what API calls to use and how to structure the data that you receive.
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