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API - Which is the most accurate? Assigned Values vs Calculated Values

*selecting "Data Issues" b/c i couldnt select API as category*

I read the difference (https://simfin.com/data/help/main?topic=values-std-api) but im confused which is the more accurate


  • Pick the Chosen one!
    As SimFin mentioned "The Chosen Value of a standardised line item is the Calculated Value if it has child-line items".

    If you want to do your calculations based on each line item then pick the Assigned value. If you are interested only in top-level items then select the Chosen Value.
  • Indeed, the Chosen Values are the ones to be used in almost all use-cases.

    For assigned vs. calculated:
    It's not that one is more accurate than the other, they just represent different things. Take operating income for example. Assume a company reports operating income of 10 million, but in their operating income is an abnormal item called "impairment of intangibles" with value 1 million. We filter out all abnormal items during standardisation and put them into "Abnormal Gains (Losses)", so for operating income the "Assigned Value" would be 10 million (what the company reported) but the calculated value (summing all revenues, deducting all costs but filtering out the abnormal items) would be 11 million.
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