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Quarterly reports: release date vs actual quarter

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When using the API to download financial statements it looks like the quarters get labeled differently for different companies. E.g. for M or DDS it returns the actual quarters Q2 numbers are labeled as Q2. For COST or AAPL I assume it uses the release date so Q3 numbers are labeled as Q4.

I used this to download the data https://github.com/SimFin/api-tutorial/blob/master/python-examples/example1.py

Is this intended as such or am I confusing something?



  • edited November 2019
    Ok my guess is there is a confusion about the following:
    Apple's and Costco's financial year ends in September, so not in December like it's the case for most companies. That's why if you look at the period ending September 30th 2019, for Apple these are the full year/Q4 values, while for most companies these are the Q3 values.
    That is, the notion of "quarter" is in the SimFin database related to the financial year of the company and not the "actual" year. This is quite common though, because some companies have financial years ending in something in January or February, so their periods are not at all compatible with a quarter from the "actual" year. So if you want to compare figures between companies, it's best to take the trailing twelve month values (TTM) because these are just the sum of the last 4 available quarters. Or you can directly look at the date the period ended, which is also returned by the API.
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