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Microsoft Quarterly Data off by 2 Quarters

I pulled the bulk, quarterly download, and while checking the data noticed that the revenue totals for MSFT are correct, but the quarters are wrong. For example (screen shot below), in the extract, Q2-2019 shows a revenue of $32.47 billion, but MacroTrends says this value should be $33.717B. They list the $32.47B as the total for Q4 2018. This is consistent with other sources I've consulted and consistent across all revenue values for MSFT.

This trend seems to hold for other values as well such as EBIT.

I checked a few other symbols, and it just seems like this is a MSFT issue.

Here were my download settings:


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    Microsoft's financial year ends in June. We've had some confusion with this before, that is companies that have their financial year ending not in December but some other month throughout the year. The thing is basically, most companies don't report "Q1 2018" values, but rather they call it "income statement for the three months ending March 2018", that is if their financial year ends in December. So we have to convert these "period ending in month X" to a financial year and quarter, because it's just handier to have the data identified that way. I'm not aware if there is an official convention of how to do this, if there is, please tell me.
    So our convention is the following:
    For all financial years ending after March, the financial year is the same as the actual year in which this financial year is ending. For financial years ending March or February or January, it's the year before.
    This might sound complicated but for Microsoft this means: Financial year ends in June, so Microsoft's financial year 2018 ends in June 2018. That means that Q1 values for the financial year 2018 are the values from the period ending in September 2017. And that's how it should be saved in the database. So for companies that have financial years ending not in December like Microsoft, it can be better to look at the actual date when the reported period is ending. This info isn't available in the current bulk download but it is in the new version of it, I'm sending you a link to it as private message now.
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