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HD (Home Depot) missing shares outstanding data in period type


HD is missing some period type data points in the shares outstanding data.
For example, common-outstanding-basic / common-outstanding-diluted @ 2014 Q1,Q2,Q3


  • This issue is still true. 2014 is missing from HD outstanding shares.

    I will try to check the span of this issue across other tickers.
  • I have looked into this matter.

    I created a list for missing quarterly periods in the common-outstanding-diluted share data. Issue observed in 241 tickers.

    Is there a reason that those periods were not calculated?

    Check it out:
  • ok should be fixed for HD now.
  • edited January 19
    What about the rest of the list? Can you look into that as well?

    All line items in the below list are missing quarter periods that could be calculated and added.

    Complete data is a fundamental requirement for analysis and modeling :smiley:
  • Ah I didnt notice you put a file. Thanks, I'll take a look.
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