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Data formatting

Hey there!

Nice idea with this SimFin. I only just registered, so I don't know what's the status of the discussion, but 2 suggestions that come to my mind:

1) Main lines bold (or otherwise highlighted)
If we take a look a at the data and, for example, revenue of Sirius XM Holdings: there are four revenue categories: subscriber, advertising, equipment and other. And then there is total revenue. It would be nice if these major lines like total revenue, operating, pre-tax and net profit would be bold or otherwise highlighted (same for balance sheet and CF statements).

2) One could automatically insert thinks like operating margins?

I don't know if that's the intention of SimFin, maybe you really only want to focus on the raw data?

Thank you anyway, I think this is a good idea (and endless work :-)



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    Hi Tom,

    thanks for the feedback.

    1) You are right, the formatting for the original statements is not very pretty yet, I'll see if I can change that for the next release. When the statements are standardised (see for example Tesla) there is a formatting in place anyway but it is true that the original statements could need a bit of formatting too.

    2) Margins, ratios etc. can be inserted once the statement is standardised (see Tesla again, where you can switch between the "original" and "standardised" view). We are working on automatising the standardisation process of the statements and once that is done ratios/margins are definately the next thing on the list.


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