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Empty Bulk File Downloads

Hi, recently I started getting this issue where empty financial files are being downloaded.
I am only getting Banks Balance Sheets, Insurance Companies Cash Flows, and General Income Statements....

For everything else I am getting empty csv files. I tried both Python Bulk download option and also direct download from the website... Both have the same issue....

I am only getting Data for "us-income-quarterly-full", "us-cashflow-insurance-quarterly-full", and "us-balance-banks-quarterly-full".
For all other financials like "us-balance-quarterly-full", "us-balance-insurance-quarterly-full" etc I am getting empty data

Any suggestions? Is this a bug or some problem with my SimFin Key?


  • Hi,
    There was a problem yesterday for a couple of hours due to an update of the backend. It should be fixed now. Let me know if it is working again for you.
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