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General company data by Simfin ID is not returning all data


I tried the Web API to get company data. I also subscribed to SimFin+ as I thought it would give more data access. But with same result.

I used this URL: "https://simfin.com/api/v1/companies/id/111052?api-key=ABCXYZ"

The result it:
{"simId":111052,"ticker":"AAPL","name":"APPLE INC","fyearEnd":null,"employees":null,"sectorName":"Computer Hardware","sectorCode":101001}

Both the fyearEnd and employees are empty, but on the simfin.com website it shows: https://simfin.com/data/companies/111052

I tried with multiple simIds.

I do not know what to do next.



  • Hi,
    ok, we are reworking the web API currently so I suspect that might be the reason. I'll get back to you once it is fixed.
  • The fix is ready now but the data has to be updated in order for it to be available for all companies and some other updates are running currently. It should be available by tomorrow afternoon.
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