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AttributeError: module 'simfin' has no attribute 'load_derived_shareprices'

edited July 2020 in Functionality bugs
I'm new to SimFin and recently upgraded to SimFin+. I was just trying to use the Python API to load the derived figures and ratios dataset and the share price ratios dataset but got AttributeError: module 'simfin' has no attribute 'load_derived_shareprices'. I've double checked that the code is correct and will post it below. Any idea what is going on there? I've had no problems loading the other datasets.


import simfin as sf
df = sf.load_derived_shareprices(variant='daily', market='us')


  • Hi,

    Your code looks fine. I suspect you have to upgrade the simfin package because the derived datasets were only introduced recently.

    If you run
    import simfin as sf
    it should say 0.8.1 (that's the most recent version).

    If your version is lower than that, you can upgrade the package via:
    pip install simfin --upgrade
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