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Capella Minerals Ltd. – Symbols (TSXV:CMIL) & (OTC: NWDMF) & (FRA:N7D2)

Capella Minerals Ltd. – Symbols (TSXV:CMIL) & (OTC: NWDMF) & (FRA:N7D2)

Brand new company with lots of cash and seven different assets, details are below. Based on information from Sedar(Audited Info, formally known as New Dimension Resources), Stockwatch and their website: http://www.capellaminerals.com/
Price: $0.09CAD - $0.07 USD - €0.04EUR
Common Shares Outstanding: 137,523,077
Cash On Hand: $2.5 Million
Market Cap: $11 Million
Total Insider/Institutional Holdings: 30% or 41,256,923 – See Presentation for verification
Current Free Trading Retail Float: 43 million shares. 60 million placement shares are restricted and will not be free trading until mid-January 2021.

November 9th Company Presentation: https://capellaminerals.com/site/assets/files/5553/2020_11_9_capella_corporate_presentation.pdf
November 10th CEO Interview: http://www.kereport.com/2020/11/10/capella-minerals-a-company-name-change-and-new-focus-on-scandinavian-and-canadian-properties/
Capella Minerals has 7 different assets which allows for numerous ways to increase shareholder value:
1) Joint Venture With Yamana Gold(YRI.T) – Capella Minerals owns a 30% stake in a very advanced gold project, located in Manitoba, Canada. Their partner is a globally well known large cap gold producer who is taking this project very serious. As per Yamana’s last discussion notes “The Company recently signed an exploration agreement with the Bunibonibee Cree Nation (“BCN”) that provides a framework for a cooperative, mutually respectful agreement supporting the advancement of exploration within the Traditional Territory of the BCN while providing employment and business opportunities to the BCN. Planning is underway to guide the consultation process for an initial field program in the fourth quarter and an aggressive exploration effort in 2021. An update on Yamana's generative exploration projects is expected in the fourth quarter. “

2) Joint Venture With Ethos Gold(ECC.V) – Capella Minerals has optioned it’s 100% owned Ontario, Canada gold project to Ethos Gold, a company that recently raised several million dollars to work on this asset and some others. In exchange for 70% of the project, Ethos Gold must issue 8 million shares over 3 years, along with $200,000 in cash and $2 million in work commitments. They will not get 70% of Savant Lake unless all requirements have been fulfilled.

3) 100% Owned Southern Gold Line property in Sweden - This is already a well established area that has producing mines and can allow for more accurate drilling in the near future. Main commodity being looked for is gold. To be drilled in early 2021, please see company interview.

4) 100% Owned Lokken VMS Property in Norway – Copper/Silver/Zinc/Gold area, this property literally encompasses an old producing mine. Therefore, it is in advanced stages and odds of successful drilling is quite high. To be drilled in early 2021, please see company interview.

5) 100% Owned Kjoli VMS Property in Norway – Similar to the property mentioned above, this lease has numerous small scale mines that already operate around it. Once again showing that the area is rich in metals and odds of success are increased because this is not virgin ground. To be drilled in early 2021, please see company interview.

6) Joint Venture With Austral Gold(AGLD.C) – This deal was closed last month, basically selling 80% of Sierra Blanca to Austral Gold for $800,000 in cash and work commitments. Capella only owns 20%, which can be bought for $2.3 million in cash and work commitments. See October 13th news for more information

7) Asset sale to Cerrado Gold – Announced October 28th, this is the most recent news. Capella Minerals has sold two properties to Cerrado Gold( www.cerradogold.com ) in exchange for $50,000 cash and $2.25 million worth of Cerrado gold shares. This company will be publicly listed by the end of 2020, they are using the shell company BB1 Acquisitions Corp (BBA.P) to put the asset in.


  • The Korelin Economics Report - Interview With Eric Roth Of Capella Minerals Limited


  • Crux Investor Interview with Eric Roth, President & CEO of Capella Minerals (TSX-V:CMIL)

    Interview link:

    This is the ex Mariana Resources team hoping to replicate some of the success of the past. There are a lot of moving parts, but the company has spent some time to finding partners. Their Argentinian projects have been sold and they have JV with Ethos Gold on their Ontario project and Yamana Gold on Domain Project in Manitoba. Focus is now on a gold project in Sweden and Copper Gold projects in Norway. Perceived jurisdictional risk of working in Argentina has gone. There are several success stories in Scandinavia and Capella will be hoping to cash in on that and get noticed. Roth talks about drill programmes, cash requirements and partnerships.

    Roth tells us how they picked up assets from EMX Royalty and what their obligations are. We also discuss how they are allocating the $3.3M recently raised.

    If you want to hear what we think of the company go to cruxinvestor.com/club where you can also get summaries of all our interviews (to save you time); Company Reports, exclusive insight on various macro trends in commodities, early access to our company interviews (stay ahead of the crowd); and a thriving community of intelligent investors sharing thoughts and ideas (but without the vitriol and trolling). Think Twitter meets Netflix.

    0:00 - Introduction
    2:04 - Company Overview
    3:03 - A Winning Formula? Team Experience & Track Record
    7:57 - Business Plan & Model: Why Look at Scandinavia?
    9:33 - Domain Gold Project: Commitments, Plans, & Terms with Yamana Gold
    17:02 - Savant Lake Project: Plans & Terms with Ethos Gold
    20:05 - Perspectives & Assets in Scandinavia
    24:28 - Recent Raise of $3.6M & its Allocation
    28:58 - Remuneration & Management Shareholding
    30:54 - Argentinian Project & the Austral Agreement
    32:40 - Excitement & Expectations: What's Next for Capella?
  • Are you suggesting to add this company to the database? I can't find SEC filings for it so it will probably have to wait a bit as the focus for international companies is on Germany first now.
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