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differentiated file names, please

It's great, if tedious, that as-reported data can be retrieved via Fuse. It would be really helpful if the downloaded files don't all have the same name. How about putting the ticker or SimFinId in the file name? And the frequency? Plus an indication of restated vs as-reported? For example, SimFin_GOOG_Q_ar.csv or SimFin_MSFT_9_re.csv, SimFin_TIK_freq_which.csv where which is ar = as reported, re=restated.
Of course, a bulk download of as-reported would be even better. But perhaps better filenames is a quicker, easier improvement in the meantime.


  • Am not entirely sure what you mean, you mean the download via the company profiles, so for Apple here: https://simfin.com/data/companies/111052
    This is a good suggestion otherwise, I'll just move it to the right category in the forum.
  • Yes, I mean the company info via Fuse. Every csv download is called 'SimFin-data.csv' (Apologies for putting this in wrong category before)
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