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"Initialising" Microsoft and Amazon for 2 days?

I submitted Microsoft and Amazon, along with many other companies, to Fuse, and most came back immediately, a few with a brief wait for review. But Microsoft, Amazon, and a few other names have been "initialising" for 2 days. This seems like a bug, given these are not obscure companies, and each was crawled earlier this year. (Re-submitting doesn't work, it says 'company is being loaded', same as yesterday.)


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    Should work again now. Also if you just want to search for the company, you can just type the name of the company in the search bar in the navigation box. Fuse is launching the crawlers to check for new data so that's why there can be some delay, as it will retrieve all the documents and check if new ones are available (I'll close this, if there is another problem, please open another thread).
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