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AMD data seem to be wrong

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Hi, currently testing your service and doing some calculations when I noticed that data for AMD might be wrong.

Example: YE17 - operating income SimFin website (https://simfin.com/data/companies/191397) = 75
ariva.de (https://www.ariva.de/amd-aktie/bilanz-guv) = 204
amd 10K (https://ir.amd.com/sec-filings/filter/annual-filings) = 204

This is just an example other numbers for AMD seem to mismatch as well.


  • just looked up INTC where I have the same situation. YE 19 - operating income simfin 22428, ariva.de and SEC filing: 22035
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    There are two things here explaining this difference.

    1) The operating income we display on SimFin is cleaned for "abnormal" items, i.e. items that are not part of the normal course of business. So for AMD we classify a 52 million "licensing gain" in FY 2017 as abnormal, and thus subtract it from operating income. You can see exactly how we classify all the items by clicking on "Edit/review data" on the left when you are on a company profile (https://simfin.com/data/companies/191397 for AMD) and then by clicking on one of the statements.

    2) There is a difference between the original "as reported" filing and the restated values that appear for FY 2017 in subsequent reports. By default we always display the most recent restated values if available (also in the bulk download files). We'll be adding an option to display only the "as reported" numbers for the bulk download soon but it's not available yet. If you look at the "as reported" numbers on the company profile you will find the number to be 152 million for operating income, that is the 204 minus the 52 licensing gain which is sorted out.
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    Same situation for Intel, here we sort out 393 million of "Restructuring and asset impairment charges" to get to the adjusted operating income.
    So this is actually a "feature" and not a bug.
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    Sweet. Features are good :-) Thanks for your quick and detailled reply. Can I ask another question pls ? I have read that your are extracting PDFs of financial statements of companies rather than the XML of EDGAR. If so, would you be able to extract key figures like no. of employees etc as well (to calculate cost and revenue per employee) ? and what would be a real smasher if you could extract the segment reports like revenues by area (USA, Europe, China etc. ). Kind Regards Sven
  • Yes, we are working on this. I can't guarantee you when it will be available but the goal is to structure as much information as possible from the reports, so more than just P&L, balance sheet and cash flow.
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