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Can't find RACE

Hi, I'm new here so excuse me if I say or ask for something wrong.

I was looking for RACE (Ferrari) which is traded on NYSE but I couldn't find it. Isn't this one available?

A couple more related questions:
  • Which datasets are officially supported? NASDAQ? NYSE? EU stock exchanges? I couldn't find any FAQ declaring this... it would be extremely helpful to know.
  • I was looking for another company whose ticker is SLP but I couldn't find it. It turned out that its ticker here is SIMU. Why is that? The official ticker (and everywhere else) is SLP :-)


  • RACE has only 20/40-F filings, we currently only crawl 10k/q but support for 20/40-F will be added soon.
    Currently the major US exchanges are supported and for Europe we are starting with the DAX now and will continue with other German indices like TecDax, MDAX.
  • Tickers can change occasionally, we try to reflect the changes as quick as possible. SLP was already changed in the meantime.
  • RACE is being loaded now.
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