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Market Cap Issue

edited September 2018 in Data issues
Hey ,
I think there is an issue with market cap data .
For example "MCCORMICK" shows as having a market cap of 1.2B , while in fact it has a market cap of 13B .
VISA is shown with a market cap of 30B when in fact it should be 284B

Is this data coming from a provider somehow ?
I think I can find more examples if needed.


  • Hey ran_ma,

    you are right. I thought I had this fixed (there was an issue with shares outstanding in the past too) but seems like I'll have to look at it again.

    Thanks for pointing this out

  • mccormick and visa should be fixed now. If you have more companies where market cap seems to be wrong, feel free to report them here.
  • I think the bulk download still holds the wrong values - I see the web site is o.k.
    I just downloaded an hour ago - does that take time to update?
  • yeah the bulk download is normally compiled only once per month currently, but I'll launch an update for the bulk data now so it should be ready by tomorrow
  • Hey , I'm using build data downloaded at EO Feb , and I'm some data integrity issues:
    for example MDT - market cap data shows 284m , while it should be 2.2B
    I'll let you know if I see more
  • edited March 2018
    MDT, so Medtronic (SimFin ID 73420)? market cap is currently 112 billion and that should be correct I think. So maybe it's fixed already, I'll make a new bulk output in the coming days.
  • Hey , I think I made a mistake and it wasn't that ticker (it was MDP not MDT) .
    Anyway - I downloaded again today (17/3) and I can see a few discrepancies on Market Cap data :
    I'm currently working on Data from 2016 only , so all values are from reports in 2016 . The way I'm doing the comparison is that I'm comparing them to my other system pulling historical data from other sources.
    Since both systems show very different results - I can find discrepancies very easily.
    These are two examples I found :
    CBI - Market cap lists 4-3.2B on 4 reports vs. 1.8B in at EO 2016 ( I don't think it was over 2B anytime of 2016)
    MDP - listed with MC of 280M on average in 2016 entries but it's was actually 2.7B at EO 2016.

    I can find more if you think that's useful.
  • ok thanks I'll look into these. If you can generate a list of discrepancies you can send them to me by e-mail if you want (just send it to info@simfin.com)
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