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Dataset data not up to date with web api

For Illinois Tool Works (ID: 378165) balance sheet (and income statement) dataset data is still from fiscal year 2019, while web api and website (https://simfin.com/data/companies/378165) offer uptodate data from fiscal year 2020.


  • Thanks. There can be a delay compared to the web API in the bulk files because the bulk files have a bit stricter checks for the data, basically only data is displayed there which passes all our automated checks while the web API will return all available data as soon as it's in our database and a flag which shows if the data checks pass or not (this is the column "Value Check" in the web API output). So if a check is not passing and the company is not checked manually yet, the numbers might not appear in the bulk files.

    ITW should be in the files by now already, for DXC there was a problem in the cash flow that we didn't spot yet, so thanks for pointing that out, should be fixed now and in the bulk files by tomorrow.
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