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Need growth_signals data for more stocks and years

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I recently joined SimFin+, and am enjoying much better data availability. I find the growth_signals data pulled through python very useful to screen the stocks, but noticed it is not available for some stocks and years. For example, MDXG didn't have it prior to 2019, and even 2019 did not have all the metrics. Can you back-populate this data more to improve its availability in overall? Thanks.


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    While waiting for a response, I tried to make my own growth metrics using the quarterly data, but saw the same issue. The quarterly and ttm data for many stocks is way more limited in years (e.g. MDXG, see my post) than the annual data, which limits the back-test capability. Is this a known issue, and any plan to be addressed? If no plan to improve the quarterly/ttm data availability, I'll have to find other data service. Thanks.
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    hi, we are working hard to add more quarters and companies in general.

    For MDXG there is a "gap" in the data for the balance sheet for 2018 because the company stopped reporting data at that time (not sure why, this is very rare though):

    The data stops in the bulk download once there is a gap in any of the statements, so this is the reason for the limited data of MDXG. Once you have gaps in the data other problems arise, so we decided to include only time series without gaps in our bulk output (in the web API you can still request prior periods).
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    Thanks for the detailed response. I am glad to hear that you have been working on making the quarterly data more available. Without sufficient quarterly data, the back-test can be performed only for the early months' (e.g. January) stock purchase scenario. Do you have any timeline and specific goals to share? For example, by when and what years will be covered for most stocks. I see you already cover most of the important stocks, hence focusing on those stocks' quarterly data may be a right approach. Best regards.
  • Right now for most of our US stocks quarterly data should be available up to around 2009/2010. If it is missing for a specific stock, you can let me know here and I'll check why it's missing and if we can load it eventually (like we did for MDXG).
    Our goal is to have all data quarterly up to the year 2000 by the end of 2022, and to cover also a lot more companies than currently in the database by then.
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