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why do diff. securities have up to different financial year

example.. AMD has up to 2016.. where as NVDA has up to 2017.

is it becauise of your cron job? am I missing something?


  • Hi taewoo,

    thanks for pointing this out, Nvidia's end of financial year is in January, in the past we had a different identification of financial periods for companies with end of financial year in January, but now it is the same as for companies that report end of December (such as AMD) - this wasn't reflected yet in Nvidia's data. I reloaded the company and the financial periods should be the same as AMD's now.

    In general there can be a difference due to different reporting times (Apple for example reports end of September, so when they publish full-year figures most other companies only publish their Q3 reports). This is actually one of the reasons why it is usually best to look at the Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) figures of companies when you compare them, as these just add the last 4 available quarters together so different reporting conventions don't make a difference!
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