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update latency for SimFin data: when is data from from dataset "shareprices" available?

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Dear SimFin and forum colleaugues,

I'm on SimFin+ with the monthly subscription and was wondering when Closing data is available at the end of a day. My algorithm pulls latest "shareprices" dataset and uses day's close, open, high, low data. That data is crunched and used as tomorrow's trading decisions. So I'm dependent on this data being available as soon as possible after the trading end on NYSE (ca. 4pm NY time).

Now I noticed that close data of today is only available with a severe delay (last time 2.30am NY time), so sitting in Europe means I cannot run my models in the evening.

Alternative (even free!) sources such as Yahoo-Finance have close data much earlier, but I would prefer to only work with one data source.

Does anyone have experience when the close of day data is typically published on the SimFin+ API? Is there any effort on-going to accelerate the publication?

Thanks and best regards,



  • Hi, just trying to bump this one up. Does anyone have an idea on this?
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    Hi Christian,
    sorry for the late reply. For quicker responses please write an email to info@simfin.com

    We update our price data at around 6PM NY time. The bulk files are then updated at 2 AM NY time (this is 8 AM GMT+1). So starting at around 9 AM GMT+1 or 3 AM NY time, you should have all the closing prices from the day before.
  • We will try to make the delay even shorter in the future but for now this is the best we can do.
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