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Issue with data for AAWW


There is an issue with the data for the ticker AAWW. In the attached Excel file, you can see:

1/ In the sheet Simfin the data extracted from the quarterly income file bulk exported from your site, for Q1-Q4 2020

2/ In the sheet AAWW you have the original data from the SEC files for this ticker for 2020, as well as the financial data for the same year and ticker from several financial data providers.
The mapping between the lines in the 10-k file and the main items in an income statement (cost of revenue, other operating items, etc.) is done by me, based on the amounts found on the information of each data provider (e.g.: Nasdaq has a single line for Cost of revenue with a value of 1,337,740 and I found that this amount comes from 5 different lines in the 10-k income statement, labeled by me with “Cost of revenue” in the column Nasdaq).
As you can see, the operating income is quite similar for all the data providers and equal or close to the value in the 10-k statement, excepting Simfin.

Can you explain why this difference?

Thank you!
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