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Current Status of Bot and SEC Filings

The current version of the bot is able to properly download SEC filings of a company taking as input the ticker - that part is easy, the difficult part is analyzing the statements because the structure of these files is everything but consistent over the years. So the bot basically tries to recognize for example whiche line items are essentially the same, and which are not in order to "consolidate" them.

While the bot works quite well for the companies we uploaded so far (even though there is still additional checking needed and there are probably still some mistakes in the statements), there were a few obvious bugs for some other 100 companies we tested (line items not properly "consolidated" for example).

We will gradually improve the code of the bot in order to minimize the mistakes it makes, but as a consequence, we will also only gradually upload statements because we feel there is no point in uploading statements with obvious mistakes in them. So stay tuned for many more US companies, the current ones are just the start.


  • edited February 2016
    Update: We will soon be launching a new version of the bot that will solve most of the problems the current bot encountered.
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