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Fundamental data for European stocks

Thank you for SimFin and for all your work on making available US stocks fundamental data.
As an European, I would also be interested in finding European stocks fundamental data. It is something that you would eventually would like to offer?
Thank you!


  • Hi alfileres,

    this is actually the big project we are working on at the moment, we expect to have first results in the coming months (development is quite advanced already).
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    Would you be mostly interested in us covering the European large caps first or completely covering single markets one by one (just curious)?
  • I would say, whatever is easier for you. If it is easier to get data from large caps (e.g. stocks in major European indexes), then go for it first. Then go to complete the list with smaller stocks market by market. I would be interested in analysing lesser know stocks as well (e.g. stocks not part of major indexes) as I believe that their potential may be higher.
    Thank you for SimFin ... it's really useful!
  • ok interesting to hear! We'll be announcing it in the newsletter/twitter etc. once we have some results with our new data crawler, so you'll hear from us soon regarding this.
  • What is the simfin twitter account? (there is another simfin which is not you in twitter)
  • It's this one: https://twitter.com/simfinofficial
    we're not super active there but the big updates will be announced there too
  • Very curious about that. Do you guys have an update? Love what you did so far- keep up the great work
  • Hi Johnnyt,
    the PDF library that is now online is the first step towards that, we have already quite a few German companies in there but also from Japan and China.
    The extraction engine is now finished in a first version and being tested currently, has to be integrated in the current system but maybe we'll have something by the end of the month.
  • Thanks for the update. This will really be something quite unique. Again, cudos for the work so far!
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