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Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Marketing expenditure

any plans to include in the bulk download CAPEX and Marketing expenditure?
thank you!


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    the thing with CAPEX and selling/marketing expenditure is that not all companies report it consistently, for CAPEX some only report the net change (so divestitures are in there) and for selling some only report SG&A. I'll see what I can do for the next bulk download batch, but with the API you should already be able to get these figures by the way
  • I was thinking that the bulk download and the API data was the same ... is there somewhere where I could read about the differences?
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    Well essentially it is the same data. The API is just much more detailed. We can't include all the data in the bulk download because it would be just too much, so it's a selection of what we think is the most relevant while the API gives you really everything we have (and is always up to date unlike the bulk download). So the bulk download is a convenient way of looking at/analyzing the data but if you need something specific/more details I suggest taking a look at the API.
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