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Update October 9th 2018

edited October 2018 in Platform updates
An update was deployed today.

You might have to empty your cache to see all changes.

We revised the way ratios are calculated in the backend, as a consequence ratios won't be available for all companies in the next couple of days.

We made some significant improvements to the data finder, most notably:

- all figures (especially ratios) get loaded much faster now
- growth rates for all fundamental figures available to display and as filters
- all fundamental ratios available for historical periods too
- filter for company names/tickers added (like this you can look at ratios for a specific list of companies, e.g. your portfolio, only for example)
- the filters/views you configured can now be saved, so you can easily retrieve them again in the future
- saved filters are also shareable with the community

The changes in the backend enable us to offer various other features in the future including historical ratios and more frequent updates to the bulk download files.

Also, the forum was updated. You can now upload files and images here too.


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