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Standardised BS for ptype=ttm returns error

I've used the following address:
https://simfin.com/api/v1/companies/id/111052/statements/standardised?ptype=ttm&fyear=2017&stype=bs&api-key= API KEY

To try and get the balance sheets, however, it runs into errors.
{"error":"specified statement was not found for company"}

I saw here: https://simfin.com/forum/discussion/51/python-and-new-api
that the API should return values for ptype = ttm. When I try to change to "FY" or "Q1", I do not run into any issues. Is this the normal behavior? I want to avoid making a lot of calls, and ideally stick to 3 calls / stock to get the pl, bs and cf statements.


  • Thanks a lot for pointing this out, this was indeed a bug due to some recent changes to the TTM calculations, it should be fixed now.
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