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Ability to add a graph of relationships between companies

Do you think your data could also include relationships between companies?

Types of relationship:

1. Percentage Ownership
2. Business relationship
3. Competitor

There are many more, but I'm not sure whether anybody has thought along these lines.



  • Hi Yesudeep,

    yes that would be super interesting. Currently we are focusing on the raw financials and share figures, but we'll look into broadening our data scope when our resources permit it :)
  • Is there a way to pull for example PE ratios from 2010 - 2018 and create a simple graph of such and where does one pull such historicals?
  • Hi tess,

    P/E is not yet available as historical ratio (will be added in the future). Other historical ratios can be retrieved using the data finder API: https://simfin.com/data/help/main?topic=api-finder

    We will add a better display of historical ratios soon (in the company profiles), currently we are working on another big project which has priority but improvements on the historical ratios side are on the to do list.
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