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Historical ratios in the bulk downloaded files

edited August 2018 in Feature suggestions
Hi, thank you for SimFin,

I would like to suggest a new feature: I would love to have historical ratios, the same ratios that you find when searching for a company at the top (e.g. per share figures, price multiples, valuation metrics, other ratios)

Do you think that ...
1. this is something that would be useful to other people as well?
2. would you be interested in implementing it?
3. any proposed target date in case?

Thank you


  • edited August 2018
    Hi alfileres,

    1. definitely.
    2. I was thinking about this too, the thing is that all ratios get calculated when you request them, they are not saved anywhere, so the implementation for the bulk download of some is a bit tricky (Pietroski F-Score for example). So implementation is not that trivial. I agree though that it would be very interesting to have all historical ratios in the bulk download.
    3. I am currently finishing the API, will hopefully go online in the next couple of days. I'll have to see what the next steps are afterwards but we'll probably do a user survey what features people want to have implemented, I'll definitely add this to the list.
  • thank you, appreciate your reply ... maybe a work-around to overcome that the ratios are not saved anywhere would be to compute them every night, so, in the bulk download we can get data which are a few hours old but have the ratios computed.
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