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What is the universe of currently covered companies?


The SimFin home page says currently approx 2,080 companies covered. I was wondering, is there some method by which the companies that are currently covered, is chosen? Or is this all of the companies in one particular exchange, say, NASDAQ, or others?

I know that SimFin is a work in progress, which is totally cool. I'm just trying to get a sense of the current status of how complete the data is, and if not, how companies have been chosen to be covered within this initial set (by exchange, or size, or ?).

Thank you!



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    Hi Chuck,

    We started by covering the S&P 500, once that was done, we continued with the Russell 3000 - we stopped that at some point in order to first focus on the quality of the dataset (quality over quantity if you will), improving the technology and trying to automise the process as much as possible. In the meantime we received quite a lot of requests from users for specific companies over SimFin Fuse (where any data from companies that report XBRL data can be requested), so that's why we also have a lot of biotech companies that are rather small for example.

    Theoretically we could crawl all the remaining US companies rather easily now, but we feel like XBRL is overall not a very reliable format so we are currently working on extracting the data directly from the financial reports, which is more difficult but in the end the data quality is much better there. Read more about this here if you are curious: https://medium.com/@SimFin_official/aggregating-financial-data-from-around-the-world-b9bffc7b463
  • Got it. Thanks for the info!

    It really is too bad that the XBRL data is not reliable. Such a waste of a potentially good initiative. Once again, poor execution ruins good plans. Alas!!!
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