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Missing 2017 Q4 data for AA (Alcoa)?


I was looking at the bulk download data and noticed that Current Assets & Current Liabilities data is missing for 2017 Q4 for Alcoa corporation. FYI, I used the following for download:

Fundamental Detailed
Period End Date

and I was looking at:
Ticker = AA
SimFinID = 367153

There is Current Assets & Current Liabilities data for 2016 Q4, then 2017 Q1 Q2 Q3, then next is 2018 Q1. I'm not sure why 2017 Q4 is missing for these two values. There is, however, 2017 Q4 data for some of the other fundamental values.

Is this a data error, or is there some reason this data is missing? I was also wondering if there was a systematic issue that might predict other missing data points for other companies & time points too.

I tried to look in Fuse, but don't know how to display Quarterly info in Fuse (it only seems to show Annual info).



  • Hi Charles,

    this is weird. I'll compile new bulk download files in the coming days, I'll check the data again and maybe it was a mistake that is fixed by now.
  • Great thanks!
  • Hi Thomas,

    I found some other companies for which there are some odd missing values in the Period Enddate table:

    SimFin ID = '36105'
    Ticker = 'ABAX'

    There seem to be a bunch of missing values for the year 2016, even though there are pretty consistently reported values from 2011-2015, and then 2017-2018. The number of missing values seems to vary by metric. Here are some examples of metrics for this company that are missing some values:

    'Cash from Operating Activities' : Missing 2016-06-30 value (other 2016 values are there)

    'COGS': Missing 2016-06-30, 2016-09-30, 2016-12-31 values (2016-03-31 value is present)

    'Current Assets': Missing all values from 2016 (but 2015 & 2017 values are all there).

    'Dividends': Missing 2016-06-30 value (other 2016 values are there)

    This is some inconsistency that I can't figure out. This is with the most recent compiled database, btw.


  • Hi Charles,

    thanks for looking into this. I'll try to compile the bulk download for ABAX only in the coming days and see why the values are missing, from what I can see online there shouldn't be any missing values.
  • edited February 2019
    Ok I can confirm this, values are indeed missing. I guess GOOG is the same problem (I think it has something to do with re-stated values, but have to investigate further). I'm on it now.
  • ok I fixed it now, was indeed due to restated values in the bulk download. I'll start recompiling new bulk files later today.
  • Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for looking into it. This actually brings up an interesting question:

    How does SimFin currently handle restated values?

    I would think that it would be good to have records for the original (incorrect) values as they were published; and then later have an additional record for the new restated values, same PeriodEndDate, but different (later) PublishDate.

    It'd be good to capture this information because it would impact investing decisions made "at the time the information is known" which would actually include the wrong, initially stated values.

    What do you think? Is this possible, or too difficult? If too difficult, it's cool. This site is already pretty darn incredible. But it would be pretty great to have, as well.

  • we are already saving the original and restated values both, the bulk download is now favoring the restated values if available. there is no option yet in the API to differentiate between the restated or original values but I'll add that to my list (the data is already there basically)
  • I can confirm these are all fixed -- GOOG, AA, ABAX, etc. Great work! All the values are there! Thanks!!
  • You can close this thread if it helps keep things organized for you!
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