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Industry Code

Is the industry code for each company a SimFin internal code? e.g. AAPL is 101001, and AMZN is 103002. I am not able to find any standard coding system that uses such code.

If so, is there any mapping that we can use to filter out, say, the financial services?



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    Hi, yeah the codes are internal.

    There will be a detailed section on the industry codes in the help section once the API goes online (next couple of weeks), for the moment I can give you this list:


    Each industry code is composed of two parts: the first 3 digits are the sector (so for Apple: Technology = 101) followed by the second 3 digits part which is the industry inside the sector (so for Apple 101 + 001 -> 101001 Computer Hardware, 101 coming from technology and 001 being the code of Computer Hardware inside the sector Technology).

    So given a 6 digit industry code you know the industry as well as the sector inside the industry.

    We are officially not allowed by S&P (we asked) to use GICS, so we had to create our own codes (just another absurdity of the financial data market).
  • Thank you! This is convenient.
  • Hey there, is the mentioned help page online by now? Where can I find it?
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