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Qorvo (QRVO) report period offset


Qorvo fiscal year's end on March. They have reported, for example, Q2 FY2020:

I obtain the P&L statement with this query:

The data aligns with their filing, but the response I get on the query contains : "periodEndDate":"2018-10-31"
I expected that to be "periodEndDate":"2019-09-30"

Is that a bug, or a feature?


  • I also noticed other companies with a year offsets in the "periodEndDate" value.

    For example:
    Consider SGMA Fiscal Year 2020 Q1 report.

    In SimFin Database, it can be obtained with fyear=2019 , period=Q1

    The statement is accurate, all but "periodEndDate" which is listed as "periodEndDate":"2018-07-31"

    TF, please help me out here figuring this out. I wanted to rely on periodEndDate of the statement to assign a share price to that statement...
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    Ok that's weird, the periodEndDate should normally be the correct one regardless of the end of the financial year. I'll look into it.
  • Qorvo's end of financial year was wrongly saved as "End of April" in the database, that's why the end-date was wrong. Thanks for reporting this. I'm checking SGMA also now.
  • I appreciate that. Thanks.

    Do you have a viable and robust way to align each company's own fiscal year defintion to the value of fyear that you keep in your DB?

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    Yes, I have just explained this in another thread here: https://simfin.com/forum/discussion/161/microsoft-quarterly-data-off-by-2-quarters#latest
    Basically our definition is the following: For all financial years ending after March, the financial year is the same as the actual year in which the financial year is ending. For financial years ending March or February or January, it's the year before.
  • I have just checked the crawler now though and I think there's a problem with financial years ending in April (and only that month). I'll fix this for all affected companies (around 35 total).
  • That is wicked, thank you! I will fetch the changes (I assume filter "d-chg", right?) and apply changes accordingly later.
  • You should probably get all the changes (no filter, since I might completely reload some of the companies). I might only be able to fix this on Monday though, since I want to double check again and not rush the change on the crawler.
  • it's fixed now on the crawler side, but I didn't have time to reload the companies yet, I'll try to get that done tomorrow.
  • Hi
    Any update?
  • I reloaded the companies, but they are not uploaded yet. I'm uploading Sigmatron now and then checking again if everything worked as predicted. Sorry for the delay, I'm really busy these days.
  • ok sigmatron is reloaded and the dates should correspond to the actual dates now. I'll upload the rest of the companies tomorrow.
  • Hi TF, is this fully resolved and can be closed?
  • yes I think so
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