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The dates for data rows

When looking at the report rows, such as those below - what does the date refer to? Is when the quarterly report was made public, or the date the report refers to?

I.e. if it took the company X days to compile and publish the report for Q1, will the date be the last day of Q1 - which is what the report refers to, or Q1+X days because that's when we had access to the data?

2016-06-03;BRCD;Share Price;8.58
2016-06-03;BRCD;Cash, Cash Equivalents & Short Term Investments;1427.643
2016-06-03;BRCD;Cash & Cash Equivalents;1427.643
2016-06-03;BRCD;Short Term Investments;0
2016-06-03;BRCD;Current Assets;1739.677
2016-06-03;BRCD;Net PP&E;441.717
2016-06-03;BRCD;Intangible Assets;69.611
2016-06-03;BRCD;Total Noncurrent Assets;2253.296
2016-06-03;BRCD;Total Assets;3992.973



  • I guess this is from the old bulk download?
    For the old bulk download it depends on the option you chose when downloading the file what the date refers to, either the end of the reported period or the publishing date of the figures. In the new bulk download the dates are clearly labeled and both the date for the end of the period and the publishing date is available, so I suggest using these from now on.
  • Thanks, yes - the new download api is quite nice!
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