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EBITDA and the old bulk files

I've been working of a file called "output-mixeddet-ttm-gaps-publish-semicolon-narrow.zip" that I downloaded some time ago from your site. I don't seem to be able to find that file anymore, has it been removed?

Anyway, I'd be happy to use the new API, but I'm unable to find a lot of the numbers that appeared in the old file in any of the new APIs.

Gross Margin, EBIT and EBITDA for instance.

Where can I find these numbers these days?



  • Oh, and Market Capitalization is missing also...
  • Hi Mattias,

    Are you using Python? If so, calculating EBITDA (or any other ratio/metric) is super easy:

    With the new python package, you can do calculations over the whole dataset in one line, so for EBITDA:
    df_ebitda = df_income[OPERATING_INCOME].fillna(0) \
    + df_cashflow[DEPR_AMOR].fillna(0)

    Currently, we only have the "raw" data in the new bulk download files, as it's so easy to calculate any kind of ratio with the new system. But if you are not using Python, it's true that it would be good to have the ratios pre-calculated I guess?
    The new bulk download is still being developed/tested right now so we are open for suggestions.
  • I code using mainly C#, but reading python isn't difficult.

    I would suggest that you *not* include calculated values in the data set, especially since the new APIs seem quite normalized (raw) at this point.

    However, you could provide / open source a python toolkit that computes the values previously available values, because they're probably quite useful to a lot of people. The linked recipe seems like an excellent format.

    I would have no problems converting them for my own needs to c#.

    thanks for the response,
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