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Missing quarters

I've been downloading data via using the simfin package functions (e.g. sf.load_income(variant='quarterly', market='us'))

Some of the tickers are missing data for 2019 (e.g. EXAS, TTD). Is that a bug or deliberate?


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    We switched to a new crawler recently and are lagging a bit behind with the data updates, so there is new data coming in every day currently (which is reflected in the SimFin+ data but not the free dataset). The data should be fully up to date again soon and then I'll also update the free dataset again.
  • I tried using the api ( request_url = f'https://simfin.com/api/v1/info/find-id/ticker/{ticker}?api-key={api_key}') to access updated data but it still looks like a lot of tickers are missing data.

    Is it safe to say that the company pages (e.g. https://simfin.com/data/companies/708398) accurately reflect the completeness of the data for that company? Also, is it possible to put a quarterly ttm view for those pages?
  • I have noticed that the quarterly data for QCOM is stale (stuck at Jun 30, but Sep 30 has been published).

    Is this related to the crawler issue?
  • @themadrugador: yes. We'll include TTM data soon.
    @matyoungblood: we are in the process of updating everything now. If you need data for a single company that hasn't been updated, you can also request it using SimFin Fuse: https://simfin.com/fuse/home
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