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Negative number of shares

Hello, I downloaded via the API, financial reports. I see numerous cases where the number of shares i.e. 'Shares (Basic)' and 'Shares (Diluted)' are negative numbers (sometimes large negative). Please advise how this can be cured. Thank you.


  • Great, can you tell me when I will be able to download the cured data?
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    negative shares are excluded now in the bulk download (starting tomorrow morning) and I improved the monitoring of the share counts, I'll try to fix as many problems as possible manually now.
  • Thank you for your efforts, I will download
  • It's going to take me some days to fix everything but it's slowly going to improve now day by day
  • Negative/zero share counts should be fixed now for all companies. I'm working on fixing large changes in share counts now.
  • Hello, I just downloaded the bulk downloads. It appears that there still exist 127 cases of negative number of "Shares (Basic)", in all three - income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. Has your fix been applied to the bulk download by now?
  • hello, also, it seems that the negative numbers of shares are not the whole story, there seem to be also positive number of shares but obviously erroneous, see e.g. for DOV,
    the third column is the number of shares. One can see that for 2011-03-31 the number is missing a factor of 1000, while those of 2012-12-31 and 2011-12-31 look irrelevant... This is just an example and there are many more like these...
    2010-09-30 34.9982 278548521.0
    2010-12-31 39.1811 278891632.0
    2011-03-31 44.0679 278456.0
    2011-06-30 45.4488 278133803.0
    2011-09-30 31.2376 277129828.0
    2011-12-31 38.9130 553645548.0
    2012-03-31 42.1909 274097019.0
    2012-06-30 35.9367 273734514.0
    2012-09-30 39.8783 271152226.0
    2012-12-31 44.0478 80056793.0
    2013-03-31 48.8541 214728624.0
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    Do you have access to the SimFin+ datasets? Because currently only the premium datasets are updated daily, meaning that the free datasets do not reflect the corrections I made for now. I'll update the free datasets when I'm done with all the corrections.
    I'm aware that there are other errors in the shares, I'm fixing these now manually but it will take me a couple of days. But the corrected values will for now be only available via web API or SimFin+ premium bulk datasets.
  • Hi, I only have access to the free dataset. Do you have the fixes already implemented to the free data? I mean the errors in shares (negative as well as erroneous positive) and also the variability in publish dates between the various types of reports...? Thank you.
  • Currently only the premium dataset is updated with the fixes. I didn't have time to fix the publish dates yet but it's on my list.
  • Thanks! I think it is 100% OK to update the premium sets first given the very fair fee.Very well invested money from my perspective!
  • The free datasets are now also updated daily, so they do reflect the corrected shares outstanding values. We delayed the free datasets now though for 12 months, to keep an incentive for SimFin+ (which is important for us to be able to make the whole platform and dataset more professional). Read more about this here: https://simfin.com/data/help/main?topic=delayed-datasets
  • Hi TF

    Using this discussion to update regarding found negatives:
    AMT, common-outstanding, common, point-in-time, 2014-06-30, None, None, -2810026
    BLK, common-outstanding, common, point-in-time, 2013-12-12, None, None, -4662497
    BLK, common-outstanding, common, point-in-time, 2010-12-31, None, None, -703460
    FTR, common-outstanding, common, point-in-time, 2012-06-30, None, None, -2063950
    GLW, common-outstanding, common, point-in-time, 2011-12-31, None, None, -1636000000
    GLW, common-outstanding, common, point-in-time, 2010-12-31, None, None, -1626000000
    LQDT, common-outstanding, common, point-in-time, 2012-06-30, None, None, -505067
    SMCI, common-outstanding, common, point-in-time, 2010-06-30, None, None, -445028
    XRAY, common-outstanding, common, point-in-time, 2008-12-31, None, None, -14248000
  • Should be fixed now.
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