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Multiple years in one call

I just stumbled on your service and I am intrigued if I can use it for my goals.

Is it possible to get multiple years with one API call? I tried to play with it and it is failing. Here is my URL:

I only receive 2018 with that URL.

My API key is starred out.

I am fine with a JSON return, I saw some references to CSV downloads. That would be fine to get multiple years as I can always convert the CSV to format that I need.

Just trying to avoid multiple calls to get the 10-year data set that I need.


  • Hi, if you need multiple years at once, the bulk download (you can access it programmatically too) is the best solution for now. We are in the process of finishing the web API v2, for which the retrieval of multiple years will be supported, but with the current web API this is not possible.
  • Thank you for your feedback. I am creating a PHP script to do a 10-year P&L and BS sheet to feed to Google Sheets. It is almost done. I will post it to others in your community when finished. I may even open it up for others to run with their own API key on my site.
  • Sounds great! I will send out a newsletter once the new API is available, this will be even easier (and faster) then.
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