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Extracting Balance Sheet for Stocks


I was wondering if there is a particular reason on why I can't access the balance sheet for stocks? Is it a feature only available to SimFin+ users? I tried with multiple stocks.

I am using R / RStudio to access with the simfinR Package. Has anyone faced the same issue?

Example code:

MA <- simfinR_get_fin_statements(
type_statements = c("pl", "bs", "cf"),
periods = "FY",
years = 2018,
cache_folder = "simfin_cache"
Fetching data for companies: 331628
Fetching data for years: 2018
Periods: FY

Making sure all company ids are available
- all good

Start grabbing data

Fetching data for Mastercard Inc (331628) | type=pl | period=FY | year=2018
Table found. Fetching it..
Fetching data for Mastercard Inc (331628) | type=bs | period=FY | year=2018
Cant find data..
Fetching data for Mastercard Inc (331628) | type=cf | period=FY | year=2018
Table found. Fetching it..


  • That's weird! No, it's not a SimFin+ feature to be able to get balance sheet data.
    I checked now the package on github (it's not an official package so I'm not 100% familiar with it), and it says there:
    "@param periods Time periods to grab the data: 'FY' - fiscal year (only for 'pl' and 'cf', use 'Q4' for end of year 'bs'),"
    So it seems like you might have to try "Q4" for the balance sheet. This is a bit weird though since the API supports "FY" for the balance sheet as well (in a very early version it didn't, but this was changed a long time ago actually).
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