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Errors in the Ticker Symbols

In your data, a number of companies appear to have some issues as they have lower case characters in the ticker as opposed to all upper case. Also, one has a space at the start of the ticker.

A number of older tickers have the "_old" in their list, which is fine, so I have removed them.

I am referring to the following tickers:


Happy to help out fixing this in any way I can.


  • Thanks. I'll fix these now.
  • I fixed the uppercase characters and the spaces. The "_delisted" suffix is a bit similar to the "_old" in the sense that it indicates the company used to have this ticker but then it got delisted and there is probably another company now that "took over" this ticker. The tickers with numbers in them I'll have to check again because not sure if these actually have a valid ticker, most of the times not.
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