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delay in reporting financial statements

New user to the site. This is a great service; thanks so much. I had a question about time delay between when a company issued financial statements and when the data was available on SimFin. In my case, Mallinckrodt and Mylan issued Q3 2020 financial statements on 11/3 and 11/6 respectively, but I don't see the data available. Thanks for your help.


  • Hi,
    We try to be as fast as possible here but we do check all data manually after uploading so there can be a delay (Mylan was loaded today by the way). We are currently also reworking our internal data processing tools so that we can basically upload everything on the same day, but this will take a couple more weeks to be finished so I expect the next earnings season to be much shorter in terms of delay.
    Also if there is data for a specific company missing or not up to date, you can always request it via SimFin Fuse and it will be loaded the same day usually: https://simfin.com/fuse/home
  • that sounds great. Thanks for the update. I appreciate the tip about SimFin Fuse.
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