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A question on business continuity

Dear all:

as my small project is getting bigger and more serious my dependency on your site grows with the project (well no wonder, I pull your data as a base for my calculations :-) ). I going to become a paying customer in the near future. Now the question I am asking myself is, is SimFin a company where I can depend on by means of data quality as well as business continuity. Let me give a few examples:

1. company is a UG - I own a UG as well and that's good for a one business consultant freelancer with defined project lifecycles and if I would like to call it a day at some point the UG is gone and no one unhappy. I guess your company is run mainly by two people at least that's what a read in an article, kind of a startup. Are there any expansion plans that you can share with us ?

2. forum - to me the forum looks a bit deserted: a) not many users post questions and b) in the area data issues there are some questions which haven't been answered for some time. Aren't those questions the most important ones as the whole customer base relies on the data.

3. data quality: I posted a question in the data isues area as well and I am not too concerned with missing data, hey after all you need to pull the information somewhere as well. My issue relates more to a simple validation check that could have been done on revenue (I guess the most important number these days) and I found negative values in the bulk data which leads me to the question: Are you doing serious quality checks on your data.

An answer would be greatly appreciated


  • There were some more urgent tasks recently so the answering the forum requests was a bit lower priority, for all important issues please write an e-mail at info@simfin.com.

    Conversion of UG will probably happen this year and there are some other expansion plans but nothing shareable yet.

    There are many quality checks in place but it can always happen that there are still some inconsistencies in the data. Negative revenue is a check we had once implemented but 1) there are actually companies that report negative revenue and 2) there is a problem to which there is unfortunately no good solution which relates to the values of the calculated quarters (say Q4, as only the full year numbers are reported usually), because in the case of a merger for example the values can jump drastically from one quarter to another and this can lead to negative revenues as well for the calculated quarters.
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