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return calculation and relative change pickle issue

edited June 2 in Help/Support
In python, when executed following command it results in the following error at the end

- df_prices = hub.load_shareprices(variant='daily')
- df_returns_1y = hub.returns(name=TOTAL_RETURN_1Y, years=1, # 1 year return
future=True, annualized=True)
- df_returns_3y = hub.returns(name=TOTAL_RETURN_3Y, years=3, # 3 year return
future=True, annualized=True)

Error Cache-file 'rel_change-13cd40f5.pickle' not on disk.


  • edited June 2
    What needs to be done to resolve rel change is not on disk issue
  • thanks we'll look into it.
  • Could you send a screenshot from the error you are getting maybe? We can't reproduce this. We see the message that the file is not on disk but this is not an error. If you run the code again there should be a message that the file was loaded from disk, so this is working as expected.
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