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Adjusted Prices

Hey ,
I was wondering - I can see the price dataset holds daily prices , but I'm guessing these are not adjusted to splits/dividends - as that would require defining an "adjusted to" date somewhere.
So if one would want to calculate the gain of holding a stock over a while, does the current dataset hold all the information in order to do that ? How can I tell if a split / dividend event occurred and when ?



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    Hey Ran,

    all prices are adjusted for splits and dividends (this is information from 3rd party sources). We also adjust then past shares outstanding figures for share splits (we have a database for share splits but that information is currently not displayed anywhere), so that you can always relate shares outstanding to the (adjusted) share price, even in the past. There is a problem though with the output of avg. weighted shares outstanding in the current bulk download, I'll fix that with the next bulk download compilation in a few days.


  • Hi,

    Great tool, thanks for making this available.

    I can't figure out how to see the historical shares outstanding; in Data Access, I've checked both the standardized and original financials for a few different companies (e.g., Baker Hughes), and the historical per-share data (Basic EPS, Diluted EPS) doesn't seem to be there. Maybe I'm being dense? Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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    Hi nkalle,

    are you talking about the bulk download (CSV file) or the company profiles (the online platform)?

    You are right, the recent shares outstanding (basic/diluted) figures for Baker Hughes are missing, so EPS can't be calculated (EPS will only be calculated if the period of the shares outstanding figure matches that of the earnings). Unfortunately not all companies report basic/diluted shares outstanding consistently in the XBRL filings, I'll check again if we can get it for Baker Hughes but probably not with our current crawler, so we'll have to look at some other solution for these cases.

    If you are talking about displaying historical EPS (for past financial years/quarters) for companies (other than special cases such as Baker Hughes), this is something I can implement.
  • Hi tflassbeck, sorry about the delayed response.

    Generally, historical EPS (fully diluted) is very helpful. When evaluating a company for investment, I like to look at the historical EPS growth for 10 years, to calculate the normalized growth rate. I also need the shares outstanding (fully diluted), so when I forecast earnings I can calculate a forecasted EPS.

    I am working around it now (by looking at Valueline) so it's not urgent, however it would be a good thing to include at some point.

  • Ok, I'll look into historical ratios then once the next big update is out (coming weeks).
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