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Last reported data report

Thank you for the work you have put into the site and data. Can you suggest the process to retrieve the latest reported data for each company stored in the database? Regarding the data, I'm interested in the TICKER, MCAP, EBITDA, Cur. Assets, Cur. liab, FCF, ... etc... I've looked at direct downloads and the supporting python extracting scripts and it is not clear if I need to write my own conversion.



  • Hi epoch,

    if you want to use the bulk download, you could just loop through all the indicators for each company and take the last non "None" value.

    You would have to compile of a list of indicators you want to look at, you can find at what position the indicator is with this Python code for example:
    for a in range(0,dataset.numIndicators):
        print dataset.companies[0].data[a].name+" at position "+str(a)
    Say the indicators you care about are at the positions 0,1,5,10, you could retrieve the values like this:
    indicatorIndices = [0,1,5,10]
    for comp in range(0,dataset.numCompanies):
        print "ticker: "+dataset.companies[comp].ticker
        for indicatorId in indicatorIndices:
            val = None
            for v in range(dataset.numTimePeriods-1,-1,-1):
                if dataset.companies[comp].data[indicatorId].values[v] is not None:
                    val = dataset.companies[comp].data[indicatorId].values[v]
            print "latest value of "+dataset.companies[comp].data[indicatorId].name+" (million USD): "+str(val)
  • Hey,

    Is that possible to retrieve this data without bulk download?
    Let's say I'm just looking for the "Cash and Cash-equivalents" of the company latest statement.
    Also, Is that possible to retrieve it for several companies at once?
  • Hi yarden,

    yes this is possible - if by "latest statement" you refer to the trailing twelve months values (for balance sheet figures the trailing twelve months figures equal the latest statement anyways, but for p&l and cash flow there is a difference).

    For single companies:

    So for example for Apple, cash and cash equivalents:

    It is also possible for multiple companies using the data finder API:

    The API tutorial repository has an example of how to use the data finder API, you can add other SimFin ids to the "simIdList" array:

  • Thank you for the detailed answer, helps a lot :)
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