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Data Integrity?

Not sure if there was a post on this or not but just curious what everyone thinks about the integrity of the data they have available? can i hear from some users of the data regarding its accuracy and whether or not you've tried to verify the data as to what was initially presented during the earnings calls or posted else where.

thank you all,


  • Hi,

    I encourage every SimFin user to give their own opinion here but from my side maybe just this: data integrity is of course very important to us, our first employee is in fact only dealing with the quality of our data and fixing it where some manual corrections need to be done - still it is not perfect for all companies (but we are getting there), but we try to be as transparent as possible about eventual problems in the dataset. You can find an overview of our overall data quality here: https://simfin.com/contribute/data
    and here how we measure data quality: https://simfin.com/data/help/main?topic=data-quality

    For an individual company you can also see the data quality of each statement by clicking on "review" on the left and scrolling to the statements. If you click on a statement you will then see how it is standardised, so every step in the data transformation process is documented (and visible for everyone). If you switch to the not-standardised mode by clicking on "original" under "financial statements" on the left while being in the "review" mode, you can also see the sources (along with links to the SEC filings) of the data you clicked on. All of this is explained here: https://simfin.com/data/help/main?topic=profile-statements

    Last but not least, in the data finder and for the company ratios, you can also click on any number and a full explanation of the calculation steps along with the used sources should appear.
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