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What is SimFin Fuse?
With SimFin Fuse you have direct access to the financial statements of any listed US company registered at the SEC, fused into a single document that you can download and work with directly.
We support the full range of statements, which means quarterly, half-year, 9 months and annual statements. The available data typically goes back to 2007, since older statements are not in a machine readable (XBRL) format. Nonetheless, we are working on supporting these documents as well in the future.
We use SimFin Fuse ourselves to slowly build up a comprehensive and free data set of all US companies, so the idea is to give you access to this tool as well in case you are interested in a company that we haven't uploaded yet. By using this tool and uploading data, you will therefore also be part of creating a high-quality free source of fundamental financial data.
We realise that the bot is still making some mistakes and are working on improving that. We see the SimFin database as a work in progress, that improves steadily, so if you find any discrepancies or mistakes, please notify us and we will correct them immediately.
For detailed instructions on how to use this tool, look here.